Adrienne Christian's photographic areas of expertise are in Nature, Street, and Food photography. She studied Nature Photography under Robert Renfrow, and Food Photography under Jim Harris, both of Arizona. Adrienne earned her Expert in Digital Photography certificate from The Photo Art Studio of Canada. She's shown her work in galleries in both Arizona and New York, and has sold to clients and buyers in both states.  Adrienne began her career in the Literary Arts, authoring two books, one nonfiction and one poetry, and several dozen essays, poems, and articles. Given the word "photography" is translated as "writing with light," Adrienne sees photography as the natural extension of her writing. “Taking a photograph is not unlike writing an essay, poem, or story,” she says. “In both scenarios, the author must anticipate her audience and gauge what is worthy of capturing; she must also edit wisely, practice daily, and come humbly to the craft." Currently, Adrienne is at work on her first photo book, which is a celebration of Color.
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